Women and patriarchy - Gender equality is the key to peace

IIn the lecture series "Women and Patriarchy" Simon Jacob's experiences in a patriarchal society in which he himself grew up are presented. His many experiences, processed in his book "Peacemaker - My Struggle. My Peace. Our Future." - describe precisely those discussions with female pioneers in the Middle East who belong to a strong women's movement and have the power to change society towards a peaceful and pluralistic one

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PEACEMAKER - LECTURE SERIES: Ecumenism in faith - "Faith needs commitment".

The intertwining of faith and political calculation still plays a serious role. Centrifugal forces have torn apart the remaining Christian communities in the Middle East and forced them to exodus. The big target is the West, where believers and their descendants have to face new challenges. Especially the transformation process into an information society, which affects all churches, and the clear component that faith is a private matter in a secular world, created conflicts, some of which led to further divisions among the already small communities. The Middle Eastern faith is part of Christianity and brings new impulses that are also important for the Western churches.

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PEACEMAKER - LECTURE SERIES: Fake News and Cyber Wars - A danger for every democracy

His technical knowledge and excellent networks helped Simon Jacob to understand the developments in the new media both technologically and socially. A large part of his book deals with the effects of false reports, so-called fake news, extremist dogmas in cyberspace, along with the disconnection from reality and its massive impact on a young society worldwide. It is precisely the massive spread of conspiracy theories that divides this society and leads to distortions that generate radical movements of every kind.

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PEACEMAKER LECTURE SERIES: "...Blessed are the peacemakers - Mt. 5.9 ..."

Why worry about peace at all, if it has lasted so long? At least in Europe and generally in the West. Compared to the regions of the Middle East, we in Germany are doing quite well. But peace and freedom are not a matter of course. Europe in particular had to experience this after devastating wars. One of the results is the European Union. Certainly not a perfect structure. But it is designed to provide peace, freedom, security and prosperity to all people in the Union, regardless of their religious, cultural or ethnic affiliation, based on a peaceful and Christian relationship.

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